Moativational Medicine

Carmel Twomey

Carmel Twomey acupuncturist berkhamstedI am passionate about what I do and endeavour to help my patients through their pain, discomfort and difficulties with their health and well-being. I will find the best route forward for healing and recovery. This may involve mixing different therapies and this makes me unique. I won’t rush your treatment or treat another patient at the same time. You will have my undivided attention for the duration of your session which lasts an hour.
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moativational medicine

A brand new approach based on assessing symptom triggers, resolving root causes and preventing recurrence…

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acupuncture treatment Berkhamsted

A treatment based on detailed knowledge and awareness of the energy pathways running throughout our bodies…

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& Pilates

Pilates and sports massage Berkhamsted

In addition to acupuncture, I am a fully qualified Pilates instructor and sports massage therapist…

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Often today our lives are very busy and there’s no time for relaxation, our work/life balance is out of sync. Stress can build up and before you know it things are getting on top of you. I can’t take away your stress but I can help you cope much better with what life throws at you...

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