Traditional Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a system of Chinese Medicine which has proven itself safe, effective and successful for many hundreds of years.

It’s a treatment based on detailed knowledge and awareness of the energy pathways running throughout our bodies. By gently inserting a very fine needle at precisely the correct acupuncture point, blockages can be cleared, immune responses stimulated and the body allowed to rebalance itself.

A truly holistic therapy, acupuncture deals with you and your body as a whole. And whilst it certainly alleviates pain, discomfort and other symptoms, equally importantly, it restores the free-flow of the energy systems which are so vital to health and well- being.

How acupuncture works

The body’s energy is distributed through twelve pathways, each one associated with a different organ. Energy imbalances are called syndromes and are identified by a combination of signs and symptoms which may include voice tone, facial colour, emotional state, pulse and tongue diagnoses.

Each of Us is a unique individual and you will always be diagnosed and treated as such, so you’ll find your acupuncturist asking lots of questions to define what may be underlying your specific issues.

Your acupuncture treatment

Your initial consultation and treatment will be a one hour session, during which a range of relevant information will be gathered on you, your symptoms and your medical and family history. We’ll also look at the way your individual systems function – sleep, appetite, digestion etc.

Based on that information, you’ll receive your initial treatment which may be the insertion of fine stainless steel needles into acupuncture points or the application of warmth to those points with moxabustion. Where applicable, cupping may be used to help relieve toxins and relieve muscle tightness.

Subsequent treatments will generally last between forty five minutes to an hour. For chronic conditions, weekly sessions may be suggested but may be more frequent for acute conditions. As symptoms improve, treatment is needed less frequently although it should be noted that every individual responds within different time frames.

Does having acupuncture hurt ?

Needling generally doesn’t hurt but a sensation of qi (energy) may be felt on insertion. Anything from two to twelve needles may be used during a treatment and all needles are obviously pre-sterilised and disposable.


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