five elements acupuncture Berkhamsted

Five Elements Acupuncture

This system of acupuncture has in roots in the belief that everything and everyone are made up of the five elements:

  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water

We believe that an imbalance occurs early in life, thus affecting the natural functioning of these elements. This imbalance becomes the root cause of illness of the body, mind and spirit.

How five elements acupuncture works

Classical five element acupuncture is less well known and is set apart from other systems of acupuncture by its fundamental diagnosis and treatment of the underlying deficient element which we call the Causative Factor (CF).

This Causative Factor is determined by way of objective information provided by the body through colour, sounds, odour, emotion and tone of voice which can be perceived when out of balance. The accurate diagnosis and treatment of Causative Factors is the fundamental key to five element acupuncture treatment.

This skill comes with time, study and practice. This wonderful system takes into account the individual nature of each patient’s mind, body and spirit thus no two patients are ever treated the same.


Often today our lives are very busy and there’s no time for relaxation, our work/life balance is out of sync. Stress can build up and before you know it things are getting on top of you. I can’t take away your stress but I can help you cope much better with what life throws at you...

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