Carmel Twomey Acupuncture Moativanional Medicine

About me

I am a highly qualified and experienced practitioner in acupuncture and manipulative therapies with over twenty years hands on experience.

I am really passionate about my work and committed to helping people through their pain, discomfort and difficulties with their health and well-being.

I studied and qualified in two main forms of acupuncture, Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the integrated college of Chinese Medicine in Reading. I have now been practising for over fifteen years.

Prior to this I was already a highly qualified manipulative therapist, specialising in sports massage with practices in both the UK and my native Ireland. I have over twenty years of hands-on experience working alongside and in conjunction with osteopaths and chiropractors. During that time I have been led by my work with sports treatments and back problems to further train and qualify as a Pilates instructor which I have now been successfully teaching for over nine years, offering both group sessions and private mat-based sessions.

I also trained in a new auricular acupuncture treatment, Battlefield Acupuncture, which is designed specifically for pain control, either acute or chronic. I incorporate this into my body treatments or as a stand alone treatment.

I am delighted to have been accepted as a member of the Acupuncture Professional Foundation Association – only graduates of certain colleges being granted membership. Continued professional development (CPD) is required to keep up to date with new and changing treatments.


Often today our lives are very busy and there’s no time for relaxation, our work/life balance is out of sync. Stress can build up and before you know it things are getting on top of you. I can’t take away your stress but I can help you cope much better with what life throws at you...

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