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“Carmel has made my life that bit easier, helping me release some of the deep seated fears I’ve been carrying around for years and using Motivational Medicine techniques to make my day to day stresses of life more manageable.”Carol
“I highly recommend Carmel to anyone suffering from depression or anxiety.

When I first came to see her, my mind was a big pile of horse manure, with just a few flowers growing in it. Many therapies and self-help techniques tell you to think positive – focus on ‘smelling the flowers’. But that just isn’t possible when there are so many bad smelling things around.

Carmel’s techniques helped me to massively reduce years of negative thoughts and emotions stored up inside of me, leaving me freer to enjoy the good stuff. After a few months, everything is much easier, lighter and more comfortable.”Derek Cutler

“Motivational Medicine has completely changed my life.

After three months, I can safely say my whole outlook on life has switched; I am aware of everything going on around me, and approach situations very differently.

I have the headspace to deal with what’s in front of me and now make decisions that I believe are right, for me. I used to suffer from insomnia which was down to the anxiety I was dealing with every day; I now go to bed feeling calm and wake up feeling positive. My focus with work has improved dramatically, I appreciate family life and good friendships so much more, and I am mindful of surrounding myself with the right people.”

I cannot thank Carmel enough, for leading me down the right path and helping me to appreciate the good things in life, of which there are many.”Jo Howe

“I can honestly say I feel Carmel saved my life, I know what a huge statement that is however I was almost at the point of no return when I first saw her, suffering from chronic lower back pain progressing to severe right leg pain. I felt completely controlled by the pain, it had consumed my whole life. I was on a cocktail of drugs, had a pain block injection and was scheduled to have back surgery as the scan showed a prolapsed disc with nerve damage. I had seen so many medical professionals previously that either told me they couldn’t help me anymore or continued to take my money without my health improving.

Carmel never gave up on me, if one thing didn’t work as well as she thought it should, she would try something different, in my case it was the Moativational Medicine approach that made all the difference.

She is a very caring, compassionate person and excellent in her field, I would, and have highly recommended her to anyone and everyone. People that know me are amazed at the progress I made and did not have an operation. In life, if you go into anything with an open mind you will be amazed at what can be achieved.

Thank you for everything Carmel.
Caron Bunclark

“Having had 2 rounds of spinal surgery I was left with residual pain that, although didn’t prevent me from living a normal life, was constant and made me miserable. 2 sessions of Battlefield Acupuncture has removed 99% of my pain and I’m only affected if I do soothing stupid, like lift a heavy object. Thank you Carmel for changing my life and making me feel human again. Who knew those little needles could be so affective!!”Lindsay, Berkhamsted
“Carmel is a professional in every sense of the word; wonderful, warm and a genuinely caring person who takes the time to listen to you. Initially I went to see Carmel for chronic foot pain and in the last few months have seen a remarkable improvement. In the process of undergoing treatments acupuncture has become so much more for me it’s incredible, I can go in for a treatment with Carmel feeling completely depleted and unbalanced and come out feeling like a different person!”Yvette, Hemel Hemsptead
“Under Carmel’s care I have experienced a multitude of difficult-to-measure excellences – care, thought, insight, wisdom, intuition – not to mention an uncommonly high level of skill in combining her knowledge of the philosophies, arts and practices she is trained in, all wrapped up in that unseen but very-much-felt interpersonal skill of being able to work with compassion and a presence that makes the experience of being on her treatment table transformative in multiple ways. I wholeheartedly endorse her abilities as a professional and her integrity as a human being.”Richard, Aylesbury
“I am unbelievably grateful to Carmel for her care and dedication, without her expertise I would still be suffering in agony; I highly recommend giving her a chance.”
“Carmel’s unique combination of acupuncture and massage, along with her professionalism and friendliness, have worked wonders for my family, in easing tension headaches, clearing chest infections and increasing energy levels.”
“Carmel simply rescued me from the pits of a hideous virus, and then continued to support me through the chronic fatigue and mental suffering this all inevitably generated. I don’t remember much about my first treatment apart from feeling that Carmel understood, that she could help and that she wouldn’t give up until I felt some respite. Two years on, and I am pretty much back to normal.

Carmel has become an incredible friend, someone I can trust to give me advice on my health and on my life decisions. Her acupuncture treatments have been amazing and I simply would not have managed without her. I attribute my physical and psychological healing to her. I also attribute my positive choices regarding meditation and treatment to her. With acupuncture, I beat depression, anxiety, exhaustion and pain.

Carmel came into my life at a crucial point and I will never be able to thank her enough for what she has done for me. Acupuncture is quite simply astonishing in terms of what it can achieve.”Caroline, Berkhamsted

“I first met Carmel one Saturday morning, 18 months ago, when I was in dire straights looking for any practitioner to help with my bad neck/headache and general distressed state of mind that day. Carmel happened to be in and said to come back in an hour.

To say she was amazing was an understatement. In the space of 90 minutes, she’d totally calmed me down and taken the pain away so that I could go home and sleep properly at last. Not only did she do all that but she gave me her mobile and said to call anytime and text to let her know how I was getting on.

She’s unlike any acupuncture practitioner I’ve ever been to – not only is she extremely knowledgeable in the field of acupuncture & the body’s energy but combined with incredible massage, a compassionate ear and a wonderful sense of humour, she completely makes a difference to my life and is definitely one of my Angels! Every time I see her, I come out feeling a huge sense of relief from the pain I went in with.

Last year I had my first migraine and it was so bad, I had a doctor visit in the night who prescribed me drugs that didn’t work. I texted Carmel and she made a plan to see me later that day – again, in the space of 90 minutes, I went from wanting to die from pain to being upright and able to function pain free. Just amazing! I feel so blessed that Carmel was in the clinic that day; what a wonderful kind, caring, compassionate and knowledgeable person she is. Thank you Carmel, so much!”Rebecca, Berkhamsted

“I wish to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the results of your treatment.
I had acupuncture twice on different pressure points each time. The treatment stopped me thinking about the urge to smoke and I twiddled the needles every time I had a craving.
After 2 weeks the cravings had left me and I never looked back
Thank you very much indeed.”Kelly, Tring


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