battlefield acupuncture for pain relief in Berkhamsted

Battlefield Acupuncture

Battlefield acupuncture is a relatively new acupuncture technique, originally developed for military use (where it takes its name from) by Dr Niemtzow in the American forces. It is designed for fast acting relief of both acute and chronic pain and has proven to be very effective.

How battlefield acupuncture works

The treatment is administered by inserting semi permanent needles in the ear, which can stay in a from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks. Regular auricular points are used, however the sequence in which they are used is specific to this technique as are the needles used.

The treatment only takes fifteen minutes and can be a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with other therapies you may be undergoing.

What are the benefits of battlefield acupuncture

Very often patients find that the treatment they had has plateaued then Battlefield Acupuncture can really restart the healing effect. Pain can reduce almost immediately in most people but it can take up to 48 hours in some cases.

Does having acupuncture hurt ?

Needling generally doesn’t hurt but a sensation of qi (energy) may be felt on insertion. Anything from two to twelve needles may be used during a treatment and all needles are obviously pre-sterilised and disposable.

“Having had 2 rounds of spinal surgery I was left with residual pain that, although didn’t prevent me from living a normal life, was constant and made me miserable. 2 sessions of Battlefield Acupuncture has removed 99% of my pain and I’m only affected if I do soothing stupid, like lift a heavy object. Thank you Carmel for changing my life and making me feel human again. Who knew those little needles could be so affective!!”Lindsay, Berkhamsted


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